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We Pay Cash for Gold Jewelry
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Money for scrap gold

We buy Gold, Silver, Platinum, Fine Jewelry, Diamonds, & Fine Watches


Q: What kind of gold or jewelry do you accept?

A: We accept almost all types of jewelry.

We are interested in any jewelry that is gold or gold filled, with, or without stones, and any silver jewelry that is marked Sterling or .924 - or any silver serving pieces that have any of the hallmarks such as those shown here: Hallmark Identification.

These would include: Class Rings, Wedding Rings, Cluster Rings, Gold Watches, Tangled Gold chains, Bent & Broken Jewelry, Unmatched Gold Earrings, Sterling Bracelets, Items with Missing Stones, Gold Pins / Brooches, Gold & Silver Charms, 10k, 14k, 16k, 18k, 22k, 24k Gold, Dental Gold, Gold Coins, Gold Bracelets, Gold Necklaces, Platinum Jewelry Gold & Sterling Cuff Links & Tie Tacks.

Q: Is the Mailing Kit free?

A: Yes, the mailing kit is absolutely free and there is no obligation once you receive your kit. The postage is pre-paid and the package is pre-insured up to the first $100.

Q: How will I know you have received my package?

A: We ask that you wait 8 business days which will allow time for your package to reach us, then give us a call and speak with one of our customer service representatives. Our staff will be able to tell you if and when we received your kit and when your check was mailed. You may also include a note with your jewelry requesting that we call you when we receive your package.

Q: Can I use my own packaging?

A: Of course. If you prefer not waiting for a mailing kit from us, feel free to use your own packaging. Place your items in a plastic zip lock bag and insert the bag into a small box with sufficient packing material to insure the contents will not move around during shipment, and mail it to:

Paying Cash 4 Gold
2235 S Woodland Blvd
Ste 101
Deland FL 32720

Q: How much is my gold worth?

A: This is one of the first questions people ask us. Our experts will first determine whether or not your items contain gold or other precious metals and gems. Our lab facility is fully staffed and headed by one of the area's most well known gemologists. The gold content will be tested for purity and then accurately weighed. Any gems will be also be appraised based on the type of stones, their cut, color, clarity and weight.

The value of your jewelry depends on the factors above and the current market prices. Gold is currently at an all time high. If you have thought about turning your unwanted jewelry into spending cash, now is a good time.

Please keep in mind that the prices we pay do not reflect retail prices. Our payments reflect the price of the scrap gold in the items and we pay by weight – the more the valuable content of your items weigh, the more we pay.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at: 828-835-7962.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with my payment?

A: Customer satisfaction is important to us and we offer the best guarantee in the business: If for any reason you do not wish to cash the check we send you and would like your items back, simply return the check to us within ten (10) days of the date on the check. If you are concerned that your returned check will not arrive back to us in time, please call 828-835-7962 to speak with one of our representatives so that we may pull your goods in advance of receiving your check.

After receiving your check, we will return your items within 15 business days. We will do so without any charge to you. The shipment back to you is also guaranteed against loss.

Q: Why should I choose Paying Cash 4 Gold and not another company I see on TV?

A: In the past 30 years doing business in this market, we have earned an outstanding reputation for HONESTY, PROMPT SERVICE, & CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. We have always paid our customers top dollar by keeping our overhead costs as low as possible. The outfit you see in those TV ads is a new company paying big fees for TV advertising. You can bet their overhead costs are reflected in the cash amounts they pay their customers for broken or damaged jewelry!